Night Below

Return to the City of the Glass Pool.

Illithid_Sorcerer.pngThe party makes its way back to the City of the Glass Pool and scouts it from a distance.

Judging it to be okay, and using a crude map they were given, the party uses the Rope of Climbing to scale the wall closest to the mind flayer commanders building. There, they sneak in and combat the flayers, killing one and causing 2 to flee magically to a different plane.

The party looks the treasure chests of the thirstily, disarming or avoiding the traps and claiming the items for themselves.

In Attendance: Althaea, Adan,Cera, Gydian Grey, Kathra Dragonlance, Omedon Emi

XP Given: 4000
Notable Treasure: Wand of Viscus Globs

Dinner: Pork Chops



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