Night Below

Game Log: Chaos in the City

duergararmy.jpgThe team quickly moves on to take care of the Duergar leadership at the City of the Glass pool. Moving quickly to dispatch them before word of the mind flayer’s death gets out.

The team enters their estate, dispatches the guards and battles the 3 Duergar leaders, all clerics. Large spells form both sides including flame strikes and lightning bolts cause a lot of damage to the structure, and dispute the fighter and ranger being held the team manages to come out victorious.

After defeating the dwarven priests, the team makes their way to the large temple. The moment they enter, they feel the pressing weight of the passivity spell as the temple appears to be the source of the spell keeping the Kuo-toa passive.

The team sacrifices 40,000 gold to appease the entrance guardians and are given amulets.
All but the ranger and warlock put them on. The party enters the large temple and sees a large animated statue to The Kou-toa god Blibdoolpoolp that appears to be the source of the passive field.The team decides to break the statue and the bard uses a Bigsby’s hand spell to knock it over.

Once the statue is knocked over, the ranger and warlock who were not wearing an amulet, as well as all the Kuo-Toa in the temple are stunned. At the same time, 4 water elementals show up. The party battles the elementals and escapes the temple. Seeing the aura of calm lifted off the city, as well as all of the leadership having been destroyed causes the city to descend back into chaos, the remaining residence razing the city and disapearing into the underdark. The party takes the opportunity to head further down into the underdark, seeking the masterminds of the kidnapings and control.

In Attendance: Cera, Gydian Grey, Kathra Dragonlance, Omedon Emi

XP Given: 9000(bonus for clearing book 2)
Notable Treasure: Longsword +2, shortsword +3, Spear +1 of critical wounds

Dinner: Spaghetti



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